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visualizes dog behavior when you don't know how to stop your dog chewing everything

How to Stop Your Dog Chewing on Everything

We all know that feeling when you get home and your favorite pair of shoes is lying in tatters at the front door. Or when the new sofa is riddled with dog tooth marks. At these moments, you may feel like you want to murder your best friend, but have you ever stopped and asked yourself why your dog is chewing on everything?

If you want to know how to stop your dog chewing everything to bits, some understanding of why they are doing so is required. Let’s look at the most common reasons dogs chew on everything.

  1. Your dog is still a puppy 

There’s not much you can do about this phase in your dog’s life. It’s normal for puppies to chew on objects within easy reach.  It’s part of exploring their world and it relieves teething pain from newly-growing teeth. This chewing phase usually stops at around six months of age. During this period, it’s very important to stop your puppy from chewing on anything inappropriate. You have to start training it early to know what is okay to bite into and what is not. 

  1. Your dog is bored

Dogs that do not get enough mental stimulation can get bored and start indulging in destructive behavior like running up and down, digging and chewing anything they can find. Dogs that are left alone during the day may start chewing things to keep themselves busy. Even dogs that have been trained properly can resort to destructive behavior when they get bored. If you are wondering how to stop your dog chewing on everything, ask yourself if your pet is too bored, because boredom is the most likely culprit.

  1. Your dog suffers from separation anxiety 

Some dogs can’t stand being apart from their owners and suffer from separation anxiety when left alone. If this is your dog’s problem, you’ll see other signs of separation anxiety like incessant pacing, whining, crying and barking.

  1. Your dog suffers from stress

Several common life situations that cause people to get stressed can also cause stress for pets. Rehoming a dog, moving the family to a new house, or bringing a dog home from a shelter can be stressful experiences for a dog. 

Introducing a new member to the family like a baby or another pet might also upset a dog’s equilibrium.visualizes the result of an untrained dog not shown how to stop chewing on everything

  1. Your dog wasn’t trained properly

Dogs can get confused when they are allowed to chew certain things, like their toys, but not their owner’s possessions. This is why training at an early stage, when a young puppy starts chewing on everything, is absolutely crucial. If you didn’t train your dog to understand that it’s okay to chew its toys but nothing else, you might have problems with chewing later on.

How to get your dog to stop chewing on everything

  • Spend quality time with your dog every day

Dogs get attached to their owners and crave their company. In addition, some dogs like Border Collies are very smart and need a lot of physical and mental stimulation. Besides, most dogs need some exercise every day. 

Play with your dog and take it for walks. Giving your dog your attention is the number one way to combat destructive behavior. Dogs are social and loving. Just like humans, they can become highly dysfunctional if too isolated or under-stimulated.

  • Give your puppy indestructible toys

Don’t buy cheap toys that your dog can destroy in minutes. That will only send it looking for something else to sink its teeth into. Buy toys that are appropriate for your dog’s size and energy levels. If you have a working dog like a Boxer or a Cane Corso, make sure you buy a puzzle toy to stimulate your dog mentally. 

Take note of the types of toys that it chews for long times and buy them for your dog again.

Don’t buy toys that might confuse your dog. For instance, don’t buy a toy in the shape of a shoe –  your dog might think all shoes are okay to play with. 

  • Train your dog not to chew on everything

Training will help your dog know what to chew and when to chew. If you find your dog with something it shouldn’t have, take the item away and give it its chew toy. Don’t spank or scold your dog or punish it inappropriately. That is counterproductive. Simply divert its attention with an appropriate toy that is allowed.

  • Don’t leave out things that might tempt your dog

Be fair. Don’t leave things lying around that might interest a dog. Put away children’s toys, all shoes, clothes, towels, pillows, etc. In other words, tidy up. In the same way that parents have to child-proof their house, pet parents have to do the same. 

Also, and very importantly, never give your dog a pair of old shoes to play with or any item you no longer want to use. That is sure to confuse it.

visualizes cute puppy chewing on inappropriate object

  • Try CBD oil for dogs

If you suspect the reason your dog is chewing on everything is because they are stressed out, you might consider giving it some CBD oil for dogs

CBD products for dogs are formulated from CBD oil that contains less than 0,3 percent THC. THC is the psychoactive component of the cannabis plant and can be toxic to dogs, so you want to be sure that the product you give your dog contains less than 0.3% THC, like a Full Spectrum CBD Oil

One major benefit of trying CBD oil to treat anxiety and stress in dogs is that CBD has no adverse side effects. In contrast, some dogs experience severe side effects from traditional calming medication, so many dog owners are turning to CBD oil to calm their dogs down. CBD side effects are very rare and mild, usually limited to dry mouth and drowsiness. 

If you decide to give your dog CBD oil, be sure to buy a high-quality product manufactured from organically grown cannabis and certified by an independent lab. Learn more about shopping for quality CBD oil for dogs in the article linked below.

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So, now you know more about how to stop your dog chewing on everything!

Lay the foundation for a happy, emotionally-balanced dog with proper training, lots of socialization, and by giving your dog a lot of attention. Taking on the responsibility of dog ownership is not something to be taken lightly or because the kids thought the puppy at the shelter is cute. Owning a dog can be nearly as much work as having a child.

Expect a new puppy to be boisterous and into everything. Remove anything lying around so it’s not tempted to pick it up and chew it. Start training your dog as soon as possible and provide ample toys for it. But most of all, repay its devotion with heaps of personal attention. You will be rewarded with a happy dog that doesn’t chew up everything in sight.